In Home Pet EuthanasiaWhen it is time to say goodbye to a beloved friend, our caring team at Visiting Veterinary Angels knows that it can be a difficult time for everyone. Many of us have been there before, and we know how hard this will be. We aim to make the transition as smooth as possible for you and your family with our in home pet euthanasia in Columbus, OH and surrounding areas.

Going through the loss of a pet is a hard enough time without having to put them in even more pain by transporting them to a veterinary office. To make your hardship a little easier, Visiting Veterinary Angels will come to your home to euthanize your pet in a humane and pain-free way.

Our caring team wants you to be as comfortable as possible, and when you are relaxed it helps your pet to be relaxed. When a pet is calm, surrounded by loving family members and in their home, the process will go much smoother for all involved.

We will work with your schedule and your pet’s needs to find a time that works best to not only provide end of life care and support for your pet but also provide a helping hand, pain relief and a supportive and loving atmosphere. Our services and skilled team help make your life and the final moments of your beloved best friend’s life as smooth as possible. Using integrative techniques in energy medicine we create an atmosphere of love, respect and comfort around the pet and family throughout the entire process.

If you think that your pet’s time is near, or have a struggling pet, please let us help you. Contact us today at (614) 699-1110 for end of life care and to discuss your options.

Also provided as part of the in home pet euthanasia package: “Your Pet Loss Guide” and several keepsakes including a clay paw print (made at your home after your pet has passed), a fur clipping (if desired), and a HeartStone memorial to remind you of your special pet and the wonderful bond you share now and always.